Capitalize on your Corporate Information.  Extract previously-unreachable information from your documents.  Improve your business operations through knowledge management and customer management.  Achieve business improvement through business intelligence and data mining / OLAP.

Capability imageCapability

Automate difficult information captures quickly and easily.

  • Information Extraction
  • Entity Extraction
  • Relationship Extraction
  • Contextual Geotagging
  • Entity Resolution
  • Deduplication / denisting
  • File fragment recovery
  • Document normalization
Productivity imageProductivity

Computerize high cost business processes.  Achieve high accuracy.

  • Multiuser
  • Server-based
  • Rapid configuration
  • Intuitive user interface
  • IDE
  • Optimize for your data
  • Integrated evaluation & reporting
Performance imagePerformance

Apply the most accurate algorithms available; matched to your domain.

  • World-beating quality for
    • entity recognition
    • relationship extraction
  • Very fast processing
  • Open architecture+
  • OS neutral
  • API via Java and Web Services
service with a smileService

We look after you from your first contact. We assist you every step of the way to achieve a great result.

  • presales consultancy and evaluation
  • configuration to your situation
  • integration support
  • custom extensions
  • attentive after sales suport
  • talk directly to technical people and decision-makers
Ownership imageOwnership

Our flexible terms optimize your value. Own only what you need to. Our delivery only finishes when you are more than satisified.

  • Annuity or perpetual licensing
  • Annuity or term maintenance
  • API-only option
  • GUI-only option
  • Cloud / SaaS available
  • OEM licensing
  • Contact us regarding OEM partnerhships