About Semantic Sciences

We are an Australian big data and text analytic software and solutions company where our work ethic is to overdeliver while providing a positive experience for our customers.

By thoroughly understanding the problems our customers face, we are able to provide solutions that exceed their expectations in many cases. In our technical projects we work towards coherent solutions and producing software that is powerful, flexible, and fast.

Delivering great service at all stages of a project is important to us, as we want our customers to feel confident that we will be with them at every step until the job is done and they are satisfied with the results.

What We Do and Why We Exist

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Semantic Sciences spun out from CSIRO, Australia's leading civilian laboratory, in 2008.  It proceeded to apply the expertise of its core staff in statistical algorithm design, mathematics, and software engineering to create Sintelix, an outstanding unstructured data analysis system.

The company was formed to establish a new level of accuracy in text analytics and information integration.  We supply components, solutions, training, and consultancy.  Our text analytic components enable our partners to reliably integrate unstructured data into their systems with better-than-human accuracy.  Our information integration capability enables our customers extract networks of linked entities across millions of documents to create end-user solutions of great power.  These capabilities are hosted in the company's Sintelix product.

Our customers include:

  • BAE Systems
  • The Department of The Prime Minister and Cabinet of Australia
  • The United States Department of Defence
  • Saab Technologies
  • The Australian Federal Police
  • The Defence Imagery and Geospatial Organisation of Australia

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Corporate Responsibility and Commitment

Semantic Sciences is committed to a culture of honesty, accountability and quality in all the things we do. Our activities have the potential for significant positive impact on society and we acknowledge that we must remain vigilant to ensure we uphold these values.

Semantic Sciences supports the EICC Code of Conduct through its committed to reducing our environmental impact. We achieve this by implementing water and energy conservation measures and participating in local recycling programs.

Our Chief Executive Officer

Daniel McMichael


Dr. Daniel McMichael

M.A., D.Phil., C.Eng., M.I.E.T.

A scholar of St. John's College, Daniel graduated from Oxford University in Engineering Science in 1983. For his D. Phil. studies he worked on adaptive modelling of dynamic systems, winning the IEE (now IET) Heaviside Premium for his work on recursive Lp estimation.

His career took him to Manchester University Institute of Science and Technology, The UK Defence Research Agency, The University of South Australia, and the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation of Australia.  He was fortunate enough to be able to work on a variety of problems in statistical modelling of large systems, image processing and data fusion.  While at CSIRO he led the team that created the Cognizant Control Room and developed the first optimal coherent solution for the situation assessment problem.  That solution borrowed ideas from natural language processing - which from the early 2000s became his passion.

In 2008, Daniel McMichael stepped out of a research career to found Semantic Sciences with a mission to create tools for analysing unstructured data at a new level of accuracy and integration. Building on the creativity, warmth and determination of an excellent team, the company has brought to life Sintelix, a system that embodies this capability.

Daniel is currently leading the transformation of Semantic Sciences into a scalable commercially focused company and enjoying every minute of it.