Buy Sintelix

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We offer you the flexibility to specify only the components, resources and throughputs you need in your Sintelix installation. If you prefer a software as a service (SaaS) model, we can provide that too.

We will help you manage your procurement risk and investment by

  • enabling you to freely select the portfolio of functions in your installation;
  • enabling you to add limits on virtually any feasible aspect of Sintelix’s operation: for example, the number of cores used, the amount of data processed per day, the number of annotations created etc;
  • offering both perpetual and annualized licences;
  • offering optional full-upgrade maintenance support,
  • or providing consultancy charged at daily rates; and
  • offering the choice of configuring and integrating the system yourself or having us or one of our integration partners it for you.


To get the most value out of Sintelix, it is recommended that new users attend our training courses. Currently we provide three courses to help you become familiar with Sintelix and its more advanced configurations :

  • Introduction to Sintelix (one day)
  • Integrating Sintelix (one day)
  • Optimizing Sintelix (five days, you create an optimized configuration for a data set you bring or we provide)