Use Cases for Sintelix

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Sintelix is a highly capable system able to operate as a server-based multiuser system for information extraction and advanced search.  It offers services that can be embedded into external work flows. It provides advanced tools for optimization and evaluation of its performance and for doing cross-system comparisions.

Embedded Component in a Customer’s Workflow

Sintelix’s information extraction capabilities can be applied to documents passing through existing workflows.  Sintelix performs the information extraction and the results are returned as XML data.  In this case, Sintelix operates as a server and offers this capability via its web services or Java API.  System configuration is carried out by Semantic Sciences, the customer or a third party integrator.

Embedded Component in aSystem Integrator's Delivery

A system integrator may offer Sintelix as a standard or upgrade component within its delivery portfolio.  Installations can be configured by Semantic Sciences or by the integrator. Semantic Sciences is able to train integrators in installing and optimizing Sintelix.

Supported Evaluation

Customers may wish to evaluate Sintelix on their own data to verify that it provides information extraction of the highest quality.  Best results are obtained by careful configuration and optimization of the system.  Semantic Sciences is able to support such evaluations to provide excellent results and minimize the customer's procurement risk.

Evaluation Environment for Comparing Information Extraction Systems

Sintelix is ideally equipped for conducting evaluations of third party information extraction systems.  It has easy-to-use high-productivity tools for creating accurate and consistent gold standards.  It has tools for diagnostic evaluation and for detecting changes and differences between annotations created by different annotation systems and by human annotators.


The entities, topics and entity aliases created by Sintelix and held in its high-speed database are available for rapid faceted search via its rich search interface.  They can also be exported to an external database.  A book index can be created by exporting the resolved entities created from it in XML format.

Knowledge Management

Sintelix’s index creation and search capabilities can be exploited to extract volumes of useful cataloguing information, such as authors, publication date, publisher, elements from the document structure, entities mentioned within the document, headings, references to patents, etc.  This information can be saved and searched from within Sintelix or it can be exported to an external database.